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tis the season: happy holidays from the mildly concussed individuals in sound rationale [13 Dec 2006|02:59pm]

merry christmas

01. marcel - god rest ye merry gentlemen
02. the mormon tabernacle choir - hark! the herald angel sings
03. bing crosby - good king wenceslas
04. dean martin - silver bells
05. the royal guardsmen - snoopy's christmas
06. jimmy buffett - mele kalikimaka
07. roger miller - old toy trains
08. johnny & june carter cash - xmas with you
09. margo guryan - i don't intend to spend christmas without you
10. cocteau twins - winter wonderland
11. cranes - happy xmas (war is over)
12. darlene love - marshmallow world
13. the temptations - silent night
14. handel - hallelujah
15. wham! - last christmas
16. prince - another lonely christmas
17. james brown - santa claus go straight to the ghetto
18. kurtis blow - christmas rappin'
19. eazy e - merry muthafuckin' xmas
20. the fall - no xmas for john quays
21. the sonics - santa clause
22. twisted sister - let it snow

tis the season for sharing! so what you, YES YOU need to do is to spread this around as much as possible. to everyone, everywhere.
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klezmer, eastern euopean influenced, or just plain slavic folk [28 Aug 2006|03:08pm]

part 1
part 2
part 3

all names unpronounceable.
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For councilestate and anyone else interested [02 Jul 2006|12:13pm]

Will update frequently for the rest of the songs.

Please say thanks if you're taking any.

The Stooges - LA Blues

The Stooges-California Bleeding

Angels of Light - Rose of los angeles

Melvins w/Jello Biafra - Kalifornia Uber Alles 21st Century

Ramones - California Sun

Mamas and the Papas - California Dreaming

The Fall - L.A

Gomez - California

Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles

Beach Boys - California Girls

Giorgio Moroder - Lost Angeles
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mix for a friend [18 May 2006|02:41am]

my besz friznd amanda dated a saxaphonist her freshman year in college this past year, got home a few days ago. me her and my besz friznd jeremy are chillin tomorrow, i decided that amanda, after a comment during our first winter break, where she stated a need for ROCK cus all she heard was jazz all day (at which point i threw on gitar volf).

so she needs rock, i'm giving it to her

1. Black Flag-Six Pack (First Four Years version)
2. Rapeman-Superpussy
3. Guitar Wolf-Z11750 Rock and Roll
4. Spacemen 3-Rollercoaster
5. Boredoms-Sun, Gun, Run
6. Bob Dylan-It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It takes a Train to Cry (Ten of Swords version)
7. Monks-Oh, How to do Now
8. Scratch Acid-Monsters
9. Beat Happening-Indian Summer
10. Count 5-Pretty Big Mouth
11. Flipper-Ha Ha Ha
12. The Left-Fuck it
13. Half-Japanese-Knocked Down on the Dance Floor
14. Wire-New York City
15. The Fall-Prole art Threat (Fall in a Hole Version)
16. The Fugs-Slum Goddess
17. Sun City Girls-Esoterica of Abyssnia
18. Boris-Painted with Flame
19. Jerry Lee Lewis-whole lotta shakin' goin on (Star Club Hamburg Version)
20. Mclusky-Cradling

approx 58 mins word
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this mix will make you fertile [15 May 2006|04:40pm]

My musical tastes have sort of exploded outwards in the past 6 months, and I made this mix to tell my friends what I've been listening to. It's all pretty basic, but I'm sharing for those interested anyway.

Side A
1. Tall Dwarfs - For All the Walters of the World
2. The Bats - Block of Wood
3. Blondie - X Offender
4. Ernie K Doe - Here Come the Girls
5. Ike & Tina Turner - Bold Soul Sister
6. The Exciters - He's Got the Power (Unedited Version)
7. Rufus Thomas - Bear Cat (Answer to the Hound Dog)
8. Lil' Wayne - Fly Talkin'
9. Chamillionaire - Ridin' [feat. Krayze Bone]

Side B
10. Slim Thug - I Ain't Heard of That [feat. Bun B]
11. The Meters - People Say
12. Sam Cooke - It Won't Be Very Long
13. Blind Willie McTell - Soon This Morning
14. Guy Clark - Rita Ballou
15. The Carter Family - I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea)
16. The George School - Bright-Eyed One
17. Markku Peltola - Lyijysulka Sulaa
18. The Statler Brothers - Some I Wrote
19. Hobart Smith - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
20. Tom T. Hall - That's How I Got to Memphis

Sadly this upload is missing track 20 because I only had it in .m4a format. If someone wants to upload it in the comments, that'd be great. Anyway, here it is...

Side A
Side B
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electropop for ultrapeople [01 Mar 2006|09:46pm]

i just made this 2-CD mix of all kinds of things with synths on them. thankfully the theme doesn't make it too obnoxious.

disc 1
01. DJ grand wizard theodore - subway theme
02. apparat organ quartet - romantica
03. ninian hawick - scottish rite temple stomp
04. lene lovich - lucky number
05. the pagans - nowhere to run
06. lo fidelity allstars - tied to the mast
07. stereo total - beautycase
08. wayne smith - under mi sleng thing
09. broadcast - black cat
10. this heat - 24 track loop
11. akira S e as garotas que erraram - sobre as pernas
12. bunnygrunt - i am gonna be warm this winter
13. vanity 6 - nasty girl
14. wire - a question of degree
15. april march - garcon glacon
16. spizz energi - soldier soldier
17. the pragmatics - velcro
18. the missing brazilians - missing brazilians
19. girls at our best! - heaven
20. electrelane - going out again

disc 2
01. captain sensible - happy talk
02. subway sect - ambition
03. disco inferno - it's a kid's world
04. skunkedelique - mood swing
05. MIA - lady killer (diplo mix)
06. family fodder - savoir faire
07. team LG - on fire
08. prince - when you were mine
09. dorothy - i confess
10. quintron & miss pussycat - place unknown
11. the fall - rowche rumble
12. avenue D - 2D2F
13. look blue go purple - conscious unconscious
14. fish & roses - postcard
15. shuggie otis - XL-30
16. blonde redhead - this is not
17. dark day - hands in the dark
18. suicide - cheree
19. the vaselines - you think you're a man
20. daniel johnston - walking the cow
21. xex - delta five
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[28 Feb 2006|10:44pm]

hello all. i just joined at glazomaniac's suggestion, since i make mixes of all kinds constantly. what i'm posting right now is something i made a few months ago for my pen-pal, but since i'm an annoying procrastinator, i haven't sent it to her yet! and it ends with "merry xmas everybody"! what am i gonna do?!

a series of three tapes; MUST be played in this orderCollapse )
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[16 Dec 2005|04:31pm]

I'm making a mix CD for my mother for Xmas. She likes palatable country, stuff that sounds good to most people. I haven't looked through my collection yet, but I'm going to throw in "Housewives Choice" by Derrick and Patsy, which if you're familiar with the tune might give you an idea of the mood of the mix.

So, song suggestions would be appreciated. Non-offensive 50s or 60s country or other motherly tunes.
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3 mixes with zip files [15 Dec 2005|02:27am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

a rap mix, a French mix and a random mixCollapse )


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alloy is stronger, parts 1 & 2 [14 Dec 2005|10:09pm]

i made these mixes for this kid connor who works with me. he's into system of a down. i am half-trying to fuck his head, half-trying to scare the shit out of him:


1. the berzerker - betrayal
2. artimus pyle - civil dead
3. eyehategod - dixie whiskey
4. grief - i hate lucy
5. godflesh - mighty trust krusher
6. dragonforce - fury of the storm
7. electric wizard - vinum sabbathi
8. emperor - the majesty of the nightsky
9. gorguts - illuminatus
10. black sabbath - war pigs
11. dio - rainbow in the dark
12. floor - track ten off dove
13. carcass - tools of the trade
14. cattle decapitation - constipation camp
15. in flames - the jester race
16. religious war - indifference
17. the stooges - no fun
18. khanate - torching koroviev
19. fudge tunnel - find your fortune


1. flower trave. band - satori, part 6
2. alabama thunder pussy - mosquito
3. suplecs - stalker
4. boris - ibitsu
5. caninus - human rawhide
6. manowar - metal warriors
7. high on fire - devilution
8. bathory - fanfare
9. pestilence - lost souls
10. arsis - dust & guilt
11. pentagram - forever my queen
12. motley crue - too fast for love
13. kyuss - n. o.
14. cephalic carnage - sleep race
15. curlupanddie - the one above all, the end of all that is
16. at the gates - suicide nation
17. dri - manifest destiny
18. thin lizzy - the rocker
19. human instinct - black sally
20. the fuckemos - eighty gay sailors
21. crotchduster - mammal sauce
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six mixes for a friend [17 Nov 2005|10:10pm]

[ mood | painful shoulder ]

my friend is just getting really interested music, and i haven't seen her in three or four years, so i made her these six mixes for belated christmas/birthday presents.

release the beastCollapse )

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[07 Oct 2005|12:40am]

hiya folks! thanks for letting me in. my name's jon. nice to meet you.

i figure i'll start off by posting a mix. this one's all blues & gospel from the 20's & 30's, but i think the first song is from the 40's. comments & criticism welcome. anyone who wants a copy hit me up.

1. Sister O.m. Terrell - I Want You To Lead Me On (2:43)
2. Big Bill Broonzy - How You Want It Done? (2:51)
3. Sleepy John Estes - The Girl I Love, She Got Long, Curly Hair (2:58)
4. Skip James - Devil Got My Woman (3:00)
5. Bukka White - Shake 'Em On Down (3:01)
6. Blind Willie Johnson - You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond (3:10)
7. Charley Patton - Stone Pony Blues (2:52)
8. Georgia Cotton Pickers - She's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day (3:05)
9. Cannon's Jug Stompers - Feather Bed (3:14)
10. Blind Blake - Diddie Wa Diddie (2:59)
11. Washington Phillips - I Had a Good Father And Mother (3:00)
12. Arizona Dranes - I Shall Wear A Crown (3:11)
13. Blind Gary - You Got To Go Down (3:20)
14. Delta Big Four - We All Gonna Face the Rising Sun (3:41)
15. Blind Willie Johnson - Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed (3:14)
16. Blind Willie Johnson - The Rain Don't Fall on Me (3:20)
17. Mississippi John Hurt - Got The Blues (Can't Be Satisfied) (2:52)
18. Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie (3:23)
19. Charley Jordan - Keep It Clean (2:49)
20. Cannon's Jug Stompers - Walk Right In (2:55)
21. Skip James - Little Cow & Calf is Gonna Die Blues (2:54)
22. Rambling Thomas - Ground Hog Blues (2:55)
23. Washington Phillips - Take Your Burden to The Lord And Leave it There (3:12)
24. Blind Willie Davis - When The Saints Go Marching In (1:57)
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And what was all that shit about Vietnam? [29 Sep 2005|03:16pm]

I want to make a mix of songs about Vietnam (good anti-war songs, songs about being in the war, songs about avoiding the war, etc). They don't necessarily have to be from that era, just about it. I have a few in mind but my memory could use jogging. That is why I come to you. Your suggestions (and uploaded mp3s, if you have things) would be appreciated greatly because I'd rather not end up just remaking the Forrest Gump soundtrack.

Here's what I have for starters, including a few I've found via research and don't have (like the Grace Slick song):

Johnny Wright - Hello, Vietnam
Creedence - Fortunate Son
Television Personalities - Back to Vietnam
Edwin Starr - War
The Charlie Daniels Band - Still In Saigon (need mp3)
Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction (need mp3)
Country Joe & the Fish - Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin-To-Die Rag (need mp3)
Grace Slick - Rejoyce (MUST HAVE THIS MP3, it's somehow based on Ulysses)

Phil Ochs wrote like 4000 and if anyone has a favorite that'd be neat. I don't want it to be purely some folksy hippie bullshit. I want modern stuff too if it exists. I'm just drawing a blank.
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Raising hell in a gorilla suit [29 Sep 2005|02:50pm]

Someone threw this idea for a mix at me: Raising Hell in a Gorilla Suit. I'm taking this as loosely as possible including songs about apes, featuring ape noises, as well as songs about petty crime, light-hearted merry-making and lieds that embody that kind of chaos and disarray one would expect to result from monkey business.

The list so far--

XbXrX - Go ape
Half Japanese - Monkey hand
Badawi - Stampede
Aa - Static rights
The Slits - Shoplifting
Coachwhips - I drank what?
Boris The Sprinkler - Anarchy bob at the mayo clinic
The Arrows - Make love not war
Dog Faced Hermans - Punjabi monster beat
Frank Zappa - Take your clothes off when you dance
Tiger Lillies - Start a fire (best song on the mix, so far)

Edited to add::
Beastie Boys - Heart attack man
The Dickies - You drive me ape
Municipal Waste - Waste 'em all

I don't have too much knowledge of novelty music, nor any sort of punk that isn't angry and pessimistic. Any suggestions in those or any other appropriate songs would be great.
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[27 Aug 2005|09:05pm]

This isn't exactly the most original idea, but upon hearing so many people say that they listen to "everything", I was inspired to make a mix with a ridiculously diverse amount of musical styles without being all over the place in a bad way. So far i've got some French pop, bluegrass, folk piano, jazz vibes (some Lionel Hampton), Swedish folk, Indie pop, post-rock, doom jazz (Bohren und der club of gore), sound collage/ambient, Ukrainian folk, 60s pop, Hammond organ (eric malmberg), electronic/jazz (jaga jazzist), surf (the Mermen, upon recommendation in here), and epic metal.

But I need more. Give some suggestions for other genres, or even songs. I'm trying to make this all pretty accessible and catchy, which is possible in I think any genre beyond straight up noise or minimal electronica.

When I'm done I'll post it with mp3s.

- Palmer
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